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my story

When I was a kid, my parents bought name plaques for me and each of my four siblings. They displayed the meaning of our names in fancy writing based on their language of origin. 

Mine read “Earnest Devotee.” 

I hated it. 

It held no meaning to me. It sparked no inspiration and it certainly wasn’t beautiful to my young mind.

I wanted something appealing and sparkly, like my younger sister’s: “God’s Princess.” Instead, I was “earnest.” A “devotee.” It might as well have said a “truck driver” for all the magic and attraction it held for me.  

I grew up with a desperate longing for the deeper, the higher, and the greater. But a culture of comparison and a broken home dynamic crushed that longing until I began to believe those were out of my reach and beyond my value as a person. A deep sense of worthlessness, of less-than, of not-enough colored my perspective and warped my sense of identity. 

I lived small. I believed small. I manifested the same.

For the past several years I have been reawakening to dreams and desires, along with the truth that I am made for more. I was made for love and by love. I was made for purpose and to effect purpose in others. I was made to be a trailblazer, a pioneer of presence and compassion, and a truth-seeker. These aren’t just pipe dreams; they are my waking reality.

In all this, I’ve come back home to the meaning of my name. For what else is a pioneer of dreams but earnest? What else is a person willing to waste themselves on truth but devoted?

My greatest desire is to come alongside others who are daring to believe in the purpose and transcendent glory of their existence. To gather, encourage, hold hands with, and breathe life into other earnest, devoted humans.

Join me in discovering all you were meant to be.

The world needs what you have to offer.



this could be the start of something great